What my clients say

• Jennifer is hands-down the most efficient employee with whom I have worked in my 16 years at Quintessence. I have never met an editor who can do such accurate work and turn it around so quickly. -Lori Bateman, Director of Journal Publications, Quintessence Publishing Company

• It is always a pleasure to work with you! You are professional, diligent, and bring a good knowledge base to the texts you are editing. -Katie O’Malley, Editor, Quintessence Publishing Company

• Just wanted to thank you for your diligence . . . and for your high productivity and your quick turnaround on revisions. . . You’ve done a super job as captain of the bugs, solver of [database] puzzles, source for sidebars, seer of stumbling blocks, and all-around sage. This in addition to keeping up with a demanding article load. Great job and many thanks! –Karin Rosenberg, editor, Microsoft Corporation

• Freaking awesome! You just totally made my day. Thanks. -Christopher Bunn, independent author and genius novelist


For more information, contact me at: editor@jpballinger.com