Thorough, accurate, and insightful editing and proofreading to meet your needs, done on time and to your specifications

I have worked in the publishing world for more than 18 years on a wide range of projects, including:

• Encyclopedia articles covering the arts and humanities and social and life sciences
• Scientific research and textbooks for audiences ranging from students to subspecialists,
• Books and articles written by nonnative English speakers, and
• Fiction and nonfiction for general readers.

During my career, I have performed developmental editing, substantive or content editing, copyediting, and proofreading (for more about what these terms mean, click here). I’m certified in editing in the life sciences by the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences.

Click on the different pages to learn more about my education and experience, see a list of some of the projects I’ve done, and read what my coworkers, managers, and clients have said about my work. I also have a profile on LinkedIn

Contact me at: editor@jpballinger.com

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