Not an editor any more!

Social worker. Perhaps not extraordinaire, but dedicated, knowledgeable, and genuine. Earned my BSW in 2018 and finished my MSW in May 2019. Passed the LSW test in June 2019 and began working as a therapist for a mental health organization called Park Center.

From 1995 to 2018, I worked in publishing. Mainly as an editor. I worked on all kinds of stuff: encyclopedias, medical textbooks, research journals, religious books, general fiction.

In 2015, after a long period of growing discontent with my chosen career, I began working on a second degree, a bachelor’s in social work. I kept my toes in editing on the side, as possible during my BSW coursework, but edited my last project in January 2018.

One of these days I’ll update my resume and all in here. I have a lot of ranting on social justice issues inside my head. Whether I can verbalize those in coherent manner remains to be seen!

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