Social worker. Perhaps not extraordinaire, but dedicated, knowledgeable, and genuine. Earned my BSW in 2018 and will complete my MSW in May 2019.

From 1995 to 2018, I worked in publishing. Mainly as an editor. I worked on all kinds of stuff: encyclopedias, medical textbooks, research journals, religious books, general fiction.

In 2015, after a long period of growing discontent with my chosen career, I began working on a second degree, a bachelor’s in social work. I kept my toes in editing on the side, as possible during my BSW coursework, but edited my last project in January 2018.

I’m currently working at a wonderful transitional home called Place of Grace, which helps women who are coming out of prison and, often, out of addiction and abusive relationships, get back on their feet. After I complete my MSW, who knows?

I have a profile on LinkedIn. 

Contact me at: niffer@jpballinger.com